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Tips & Trends


Shop on a weekday. BHBE is open Wednesday through Sunday, but for the best selection of new arrivals and focused attention it is great to come in on a weekday.

Come ready to buy your gown. There is only one of each dress, as they are designer samples. The dress you fall in love with may be gone if you don't decide to purchase the day you try on. It's hard to watch a bride fall in love with a gown and see it sell to another bride soon after you leave.

Bring shoes, undergarments and any accessories you need to help you get the bigger picture. Having these items on hand for try on will help you be confident in your choice because you will see how everything pulls together.

Be open-minded. It is great to have the style and cut of a gown in mind when you walk in, but there may be a fit/design that could be perfect for you but, it's not your idea of your "dream dress" you have pinned on Pinterest. Each consultant has the knowledge and experience to help you find the most beautiful and flattering dress that you may have never considered.


     Your wedding dress is one of the most important things you have to deal with when it comes to the big day. However, aside from that, you will also have to think of numerous other accessories that make a wedding dress look complete: the makeup, the hairstyle, hair pieces, shoes, jewelry and, of course, the wedding veil.

     Choosing the right wedding veil to go with your dress can be quite tough, especially since there are many options out there. However, if you keep in mind certain tips, you will be able to make the right decision. Here are some of the most important ideas to take into consideration:

  • The style of your dress should be quite important when it comes to deciding on the perfect wedding veil. Make sure that the fabrics are suitable for each other and that they look good together as well. Simply trying on multiple styles should give you a good idea on what looks best with your dress.

  • If you are planning a destination wedding, make sure that the wedding veil will be suitable for the location too. For example, a veil that is very light and airy will look excellent for a beach wedding.

  • The length of your wedding veil should be taken into consideration as well. If you don’t want to feel uncomfortable with a very long veil, you can choose any kind of length you may want because there will definitely be an option. For instance, blushers normally cover the face only, but if you want to be more traditional, you can choose a veil that goes down to your elbows or to your foot calves.

  • You can choose not to wear a veil at all. These days, this is not uncommon and it is perfectly allowed for brides not to wear a veil – especially if they are not planning a very traditional wedding.

     For sample gowns and designer dresses that look stunning and come at a very affordable price, don’t forget to contact Beverly Hills Bridal Exchange. We have a wide variety of styles in store for you!


     Your body is beautiful no matter what and, as a bride, you will look just wonderful. However, like all brides-to-be, you are probably very stressed out when it comes to your wedding dress. Truth be told, there is a perfect dress for just about anyone out there – and you will find yours as well. If you want to look gorgeous (and even more importantly, to feel stunning), you should take into consideration your body type. This way, you will be able to buy a dress that fits you like a glove and makes you feel like a real princess! Here are some of the things you may want to consider:


  • Do you have a large chest? That’s perfect! If you choose the right dress, you could emphasize your beautiful curves without overdoing it. Generally speaking, you should try to avoid strapless dresses that have a straight-line cleavage, as they tend to make the breasts look even larger than they are. However, a dress (strapless or not) with a crease in the middle (heart-shaped) should reveal just enough of your curves to make you look splendid.

  • Are you tall? You could go for a mermaid-shaped dress or for a rim that sweeps the floor. Also, high waists look especially good on tall brides so do not hesitate to go for a dress that hugs your waist as high as possible.

  • Do you have a pear-shaped body? That’s beautiful and womanly so do not hesitate to wear a dress that will emphasize the upper body part with lace and/or embellishments. For the lower body part, go for a dress in an A-line, since that will elongate your figure and it will work just perfectly with your body.

     Beverly Hills Bridal Exchange can offer you the perfect dress regardless of what your body type may be. We love making brides happy and our dresses fit just any style and any budget you may fall into, so do not hesitate to pay us a visit!


     Fashion and trends come and it go and sometimes, it can be downright difficult to keep up to it – especially when trends don’t stay with us for too long. If you want your wedding to fit into the current trends, you are probably searching for the best tips on how to do this. Read on and find out what fall/winter wedding trends you will definitely want to keep in mind:

      For wedding dresses and non-traditional bridesmaid dresses that fit perfectly into these winter trends, make sure to visit Beverly Hills Bridal Exchange. We have a superb collection of dresses meant to steal your heart away!


      There are so many things brides worry about! The muffin tops, the napkins on the table, the thank you notes, the shape of their shoes, their hair, how many guests, who will be the bridesmaid – the number of questions related to your wedding day probably feels endless.  And, in one way or another, it is endless until the actual wedding day when you will realize you’ve been worrying about nothing, really!

     One of the things you should definitely not over-analyze no matter what, is how much of your “embellished” parts of the skin your dress will show. In other words, don’t think too much about whether or not you should hide or reveal your tattoos. In fact, there are many reasons for which choosing a beautiful wedding dress to show off those beauties will actually be a great choice:

  • Your tattoos are part of who you are. When you walk down the street in shorts and tank tops, you make a statement with your tattoos – why wouldn’t you do the very same thing on the biggest day of your life too?

  • Tattoos are art and there is no other event in the world more meaningful and more “artsy” than a wedding so there is really no reason to hide away those beautiful works of art on your skin.

  • With the right dress, tattoos can look absolutely stunning. Imagine yourself rocking your tattoos and a delicate dress and the photos that will come out of this! You will really feel like a rock star so do go for that cleavage, for that empty back or even for that short dress because you will definitely make it pop!

  • Tattoos tell a story and what else is a wedding than a beautiful love story too? Every tattoo on your body probably has a meaning for you and you should be taking that with you into the biggest and most important day of your life too.

     To check out some dresses that will help you rock your tattoos in higher style than ever, visit Beverly Hills Bridal Exchange, we have a ton of unique designs that combine tradition with contemporary like nothing else!


     Weddings are expensive, so it can be tempting to try to save money wherever you can. One of the biggest single expenses is undoubtedly the bride’s dress.

     A designer gown can set you back tens of thousands of dollars, while alterations can cost hundreds (if not thousands) more on top of that. So it is easy to see why many brides-to-be are turning to eBay and other online retailers in an effort to source a cut-price, or second hand dress.

     But be warned – you get what you pay for, and the internet is no gauge for quality.

     In a bridal store, you can feel the fabric, examine the stitching and see the way the dress fits your figure and have "the bridal experience".  When you buy a dress online, you miss out on all of this and could easily end up with a dress that simply won’t do.

     Worst of all, by the time your dress arrives, you may not have enough time to source and alter a new dress before the big day, so you could be forced to walk down the aisle in a cheap frock which makes you feel somewhat less princess-like than you imagined.

     Buying your dress online comes with the usual risks of online shopping and includes the chance of purchasing a counterfeit gown.  Also, what happens if your package ends up being lost in the post? Or what if your dressmaker cannot deliver in a timely manner or altogether?  This is a particular problem if you are buying your dress from overseas. You can’t exactly zip over to China to check in on the progress, or make last minute changes.

     There really is no substitute for a bridal boutique experience. This is the most important day and dress of your life, and you owe it to yourself to get it right.
The Beverly Hills Bridal Exchange has a huge range of wedding dresses in every style, and at every budget. When you browse with us, you know what you’re getting and you will get the whole "bridal experience". 

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